7 Best Portable Infrared Saunas (2023) | #1 For Health & Detox!

Portable Infrared Saunas are a great way to get the benefits of a sauna, without the need for a huge space. The best portable saunas are small enough to take with you on holiday, and some are even water-resistant, so you can use them outside. In other words, you can have a spa experience anywhere, even while you’re camping.

But not all portable saunas are created equal, so pay special attention to what features you want and which models are best avoided.

Best Portable Infrared Sauna Reviews (2023 Update)

When it comes to portable infrared saunas, you want something that is both sturdy and durable. Offering a good array of features, but that won’t stop working within a couple of weeks or months.

We’ve narrowed it down to the top 7 best portable infrared spas that will save you space while still giving you the home-spa experience.

1. SereneLife  – Best Portable Sauna

SereneLife Portable Infrared

This sauna pod is a conveniently portable infrared sauna for a single person. It comes fully equipped with a handy sauna folding chair and heated foot pad for quick, easy, and effective infrared heat sauna sessions.

It’s foldable and stored in a relatively small space (about the same size as a very large suitcase). Once seated, the pod zips up, keeping your hands and head free to read or watch something as you relax, making it one of the most convenient portable steam spas.

Easy Access – the sit-in best sauna comes with a foldable sauna chair that is easy to get into and out of with handy hand holes that leave your hands free to hold a magazine, book, phone, or tv remote.

Compact Size – The foldable, compact sauna pod is easy to transport and can even be used outside thanks to the moisture-resistant fabric.

Relaxing and Soothing whole-Body Therapy – with the heating foot pad for added benefits including detox, increased blood flow, reduced stress, and increased energy.

Low EMF – the energy and power-efficient pod are affordable to run and also have low electromagnetic fields when in use.

Dimensions – when set up the sauna measures 27” L x 31” W x 37” H, which gives plenty of widths but not a lot of height even considering you’re seated.

Wire Controller – The controller sets the time and heat of the sauna blanket, reaching the desired temperature within minutes and stays at temperature until the timer stops.

  • Portable
  • Can be Used Outside
  • Low EMF and Energy Consumption
  • Energy efficient
  • Not great for tall people
  • Zippers aren’t great quality
  • Home EMF tests show high levels

Summary: If high EMF levels bother you, you’re going to struggle to find a portable infrared sauna that’s to your like. Serenelife portable infrared sauna is good for people of average height. Added footpad is a good bonus for good blood circulation.


2. Radiant Saunas Rejuvinator Portable Personal Sauna – Best with FAR Infrared Carbon Panels

Radiant Saunas Rejuvinator

The Rejuvinator from Radiant has three not very strategically placed carbon panels. The carbon panels are a plus because they won’t need replacing after time, but they only heat your back and one side, which isn’t the best for infrared, which only heats the area directly in front of it.

All in all, this model will make you sweat, but it’s not an all-round sauna that’s going to get to your legs or front body.

Rejuvenating Warmth – The Rejuvinator uses far-infrared so the areas of your body that are exposed to the infrared panels will feel rejuvenated and full of energy.

Easy to Set Up – Setting up in less than a minute, you just have to follow six easy steps to go from folded to ready to use.

Fully Portable – The Rejuvinator folds up into a size that’s small enough to load into a car. It’s ‘s also water-resistant, so you can set it up outside to enjoy a sauna anywhere at any time.

Chair and Foot Pad Included – The unit comes with a handy canvas chair, but you should know that this chair may not be the most comfortable and that you may want to invest in a more comfortable stool. The added foot pad helps to warm your feet up for an even better sweat.

One-Year Warranty – The one-year warranty ensures that should something go wrong with your sauna, it will be seen to; it also ensures that your sauna will arrive damage-free.

Extra Features – These include a fabric cabin, a comfortable neck collar, a Beech dowel frame, 3 heating panels, remote control, a foam floor mat, and a. 900-watt Ionizer, all ensuring that you get the best portable sauna experience.

  • Warranty
  • Foot Pad
  • Neck Collar
  • Only 3 panels don’t surround you evenly
  • Units have been known to stop working unexpectedly

Summary: The Rejuvinate isn’t the best portable infrared sauna, but it mostly does the job. Given the warranty, this isn’t a bad purchase, and there are some things you can do to make it a better sauna, like draping a towel over the outside to trap in the warmth.


3. Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe – Best Oversized

Harmony Deluxe

The Harmony Deluxe is an oversized portable sauna that’s not too small, not too heavy, and sounds just about perfect…

But there is a problem. It has very high EMF ratings. As in standing in front of the microwave high. It does, however, boast these features:

Sturdy Frame – Using pre-attached, EZ fit solid Beech hardwood, the dowel frame is hard-wearing yet light. It includes a heavy-duty portable chair with a max weight capacity of 220 lbs.

Easy to Use – The high-quality zippers can be operated from the inside or outside while the controller comes with 6 automatic timer options.

Air Ionizer – Keeps the inside of your sauna sanitary and fresh.

Good Size – Set up the cabin is 33.5” L x 33” W x 41.5” H, which folds into a handy 41.33” L x 33” W x 5.11” H for easy transportation.

  • Portable
  • Strong – will last a very long time
  • Good size
  • High EMF emissions

Summary: I would recommend saving up and getting a portable sauna with lower EMF ratings if this is worrisome to you. But if you need to take your sauna places or you want to save on space, this is a relatively good option, especially if you’re a taller o bigger person.


4. Durherm Infrared Sauna, Low EMF with Chair and Heated Footpad

Durherm Infrared Sauna

The Durherm boasts some of the lowest EMF readings of all portable infrared saunas. It also lasts a pretty long time and will be replaced if it should break. However, be advised that the retailer prefers using email over phone calls.

It may not have all the features of a high-end model, with no footpad and only 3 carbon fiber heating pads, but it does have armholes that make it more convenient than some other models.

High Quality – The three hi-tech super conductive and ultra-thin carbon fiber heating elements use far-infrared but with an EMF range of 5-15 milligauss, which is very low compared to other brands. It also uses quality materials that won’t break easily as long as you’re easy on the zippers.

Convenient to Use – No need for large storage space, but big enough to fit most people, the Durherm has handy hand holes so you can keep busy while you sauna. It also comes with a relatively comfortable chair and a foam mat to protect your floors.

Adjustable Time and Heat Settings – The time settings range from 5-30 minutes with 5-minute increments. The surface temperature on the heat panels ranges from 104-140 degrees Fahrenheit with 9-degree increments of 9 degrees. The air inside the sauna will reach up to 110+ degrees.

Good size – When setting up the dimensions are 31.5” W x 33” D x 41” H

  • Very Low EMF
  • Good Size
  • Hand Holes
  • No Foot Pad
  • Only 3 Heating Plates

Summary: The Durherm is a very good option if you don’t like EMF emissions. It’s also pretty big for a portable sauna with handy holes for your hands if you want to keep busy while you sauna. The zippers are known to break after a good few months but provided you handle them with care, and this sauna can last a very long time.


5. Durasage Infrared IR Far Portable Indoor Personal Spa Sauna

Durasage Infrared IR Far Portable Indoor

The Durasage is a popular portable sauna, with a heated foot pad for extra comfort and heat, BUT it has very high EMF emissions, again, like standing next to a microwave kind of high. This can put a lot of people off from the product.

It also doesn’t have very many fantastic features. So while it’s popular, it’s not necessarily the best buy.

Comes with Chair and Foot Pad – The heated footpad sends relaxing heat into our feet to help you heat up faster and more effectively, while the handy chair is an added bonus.

Quick-Heating – This unit has 3 carbon fiber elements and heats up within 5 minutes of turning on, so it’s ready to go in almost no time.

60 Minute Timer – A bit of a waste of a feature as it’s only recommended to use a sauna for 20-30 minutes at a time, this does mean there is plenty of time for the sauna to heat up before you gt into it.

Dimensions – Not the biggest, but not the smallest either, this sauna is big enough for most people at 27.5″ W x 30″ D x 38″ H

  • Good Size
  • Footpad and Chair Included
  • Heats up Quickly
  • Very high EMF
  • Not the best unit

Summary: The Duraherm may be quite popular, but it’s not the best option to buy. Even though it’s advertised as extra-large, it’s a good medium size; there are bigger units available, And it also has very high EMF. The chair and footpad are great, but other units also include these features.


6. Ridgeyard Portable Safe Folding Far FIR Infrared Sauna


The Ridgeyard portable infrared sauna blanket is a smaller model, with all the basic features a portable sauna needs.

It has handy hand holes that can zip up, then not used, to keep warm air inside and comes with a pretty comfortable foldable chair. There is, however, one design flaw with this model; the sides tend to fold in n themselves. Also, it has quite high EMF emissions. That being said, it is one f the cheapest portable saunas you can get.

Clever Design – There are two hand-holes that zip up when not in use, so you can either use them to keep busy while you sauna or zip them up to keep the hot air inside.

Foldable Chair – The sauna includes a foldable chair that is quite comfortable compared to other chairs included in other models.

Space Saving – This is a smaller sauna, so saves room even more than larger saunas would. This does, however, mean it isn’t a good fit for larger people. It’s built for Asian adults, so more kid-size than adult-size.

  • Cheap
  • Includes Chair
  • Zip-able Hand Holes
  • Small
  • Not great quality

Summary: The Ridgeyard is a nice portable sauna for teens, but it can be way too small for adults. It has all the basic features a sauna needs but is a cheaper version with high EMF emissions.


7. Infrared FAR IR NI Portable Indoor Personal Spa Sauna

nfrared FAR IR Negative Ion

This is a cheap, relatively alright sauna with a heating footpad and chair included. It’s bigger than the Ridgeyard but only slightly more expensive.

It has handy hand-holes and 3 heaters, but it does have extremely high EMF emissions, which is the price you pay for going cheap. That being said, it does what it’s supposed to with minimal complaints.

Chair and Footpad Included – The chair holds up to 220lbs, and the footpad heats up sufficiently to help you reach sweat levels faster.

Sets Up and Heats Up fast – It takes only 5 minutes to set up and heats up quickly using 3 carbon fiber heating panels.

Negative ION Infrared Heating Elements – the negative ion heating panels purify the air inside the sauna to keep it safe and sterile.

30-minute Max Timer – The sauna can only run for 30 minutes at a time, ensuring that you don’t overdo your sauna, which could lead to negative side effects.

  • Cheap
  • Includes footpad, hand holes and foot pad
  • Big
  • Very high EMF
  • Not Durable
  • Prone to Catching Fire

Summary: This is a cheap product, and you’re going to get what you pay for. With high EMF readings and a probability of catching on fire, this is not worth the money, and many people have warned against buying this model.


What is an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared Saunas aren’t really like saunas in the traditional sense. They aren’t hot rooms; they can be surprisingly cool if you’re used to a traditional sauna… But they are like traditional saunas in the sense that they make you sweat.

These “sweat rooms” use infrared light to heat and stimulate your body from the inside. By using near, mid, and far-infrared light waves, the body is stimulated on a deep to a more superficial level. But the superficial stimulation of the far-infrared waves is the one that has the most health benefits.

Infrared SaunaOur bodies naturally produce far infrared waves, so having a sauna that adds to this gives a natural feeling of wellbeing and creates a resonant frequency within cells to expel toxins, especially through sweat.

Mid-infrared is associated with increased blood flow and heart rate, making sure the blood gets where it’s needed most.

Near-infrared is associated with ATP (energy) stimulation within cells, which then helps them function better, improving the rate of healing.

Although some pages claim that sweat can help dispel fat-soluble toxins, it can’t. The oil glands on your skin can expel toxins, but oil does not dissolve in water, so fat-soluble toxins will not dissolve into a sweat.

Most likely, these toxins will be expelled through feces. The increased blood flow and lymph activation associated with mid-infrared will help to dispel these toxins more than the sweating that’s activated by far-infrared.

Best infrared sauna models use these three types of infrared light in varying degrees to heat you up.

The light has minimal effect on the air in the sauna, so while the air may be warm, you’ll be sweating more than the ambient temperature warrants.

Reviews, Reports & Testimonials

Reports range from “absolutely amazing” to “don’t buy this” for each and every model. There is always a real risk that something can go wrong, and they are, of course, a cheaper version of real saunas, so you aren’t going to get the luxury and quality a full-size sauna offers.

Here’s what you can expect from most portable saunas:

-The heating panels aren’t in the front; they are on the sides and back only.

-Some models include a heating pad for your feet, which can get very very hot, covering it with a towel or other cloth can make the heat bearable, but this can also lead to an increased risk of the sauna catching on fire.

-The chairs included in some of the models are not always that comfortable, be prepared to spend money on a chair that’s comfortable for you.

– Some of the models are really small, make sure you get one with extra legroom if you’re tall.

They are not air-tight, and as a result, a lot of heat can escape, especially through the head and hand holes. A towel draped over the exterior of the sauna can help trap in more heat, but again, this increases fire risk, so be careful if you opt for a model that’s prone to catching on fire.

– Be gentle on the zips, and they are usually not the best quality, so yanking at them will cause them to break, rendering your portable sauna pretty useless.

Consumer Reports and Testimonials

Here are some extra changes you can make to ensure you get the most out of your portable sauna:

Get a surge protector and a heat-sensitive adaptor to prevent fires.

-Drink lots of water before you get in to help you sweat, and lots of water afterward to avoid dehydration.

-Cover your head. A lot of heat escapes from your head and keeping it covered with a hat, cap or towel can help you sweat more.

– Wrap yourself in a towel and cover the chair with a towel. This helps to catch your sweat and makes cleaning a lot easier.

– If you put the reflector panel in front of you instead of underneath you, it reflects the infrared rays from the back heating panel back towards you, giving you a more even heat distribution.

Summary: While a portable sauna will never be as good as a full-size sauna, there are some things you can do to make your experience more effective and enjoyable.

Are Portable Infrared Saunas Safe? Any Dangers?

  • Easing Pain: Including muscle soreness, arthritis, and other joint pain.
  • Reduced Stress: Because heat helps you relax, relieving physical stress, and promoting relaxation.
  • Improved Cardio Health: A study has shown that saunas can potentially reduce the risk of cardiovascular-related mortality. Lower blood pressure and improved cardio health are also potential benefits.
  • Alzheimers and Dementia: Yes, this study found people who sauna’s cognitive health are better at old age than those who don’t like a sauna.
  • Detoxing and Weight Loss: No scientific proof, but increased blood flow through previously constricted areas can “dislodge” stored toxins, including fat-soluble toxins. A healthier body is a happier body, which could inversely lead to weight loss in the form of fat, but most of the weight lost during a sauna is water weight and can easily be gained back.
  • Blood Pressure: Whether your blood pressure is higher or lower, there is a risk; the heat in a sauna dilates your capillaries, so your blood pressure drops.

High blood pressure can lower with the use of a sauna, but then spike incredibly high if you become too cold too quickly (cold shower/ pool). The same goes for low blood pressure, except the dip in blood pressure can then be remedied by making yourself cold quickly.

People who recently suffered a heart attack should consult their doctor before using a sauna.

  • Dehydration: Because you’re losing water in the form of sweat, make sure to hydrate both before and after a sauna session to ensure you don’t become dehydrated. Proper hydration includes electrolytes (essential salts for water balance), which are also lost through sweat, not just water.
  • Avoid Alcohol: Yes, you may think it helps you relax, but it also “helps” you dehydrate, lowers your blood pressure and can cause arrhythmia… Have your drink after your sauna, not before.
  • Don’t Sauna Too Long, Especially Children: While it’s safe for children 6 and up to use a sauna, overdoing it (and this counts for everyone), can be harmful, especially if you’re not used to it. Children are especially prone to dehydration and low blood pressure, so they should have shorter sauna sessions than adults.
  • Fire Danger: Some have been known to catch on fire. It’s unclear whether this is due to faulty wiring in the model itself or whether the electric feed to the saunas is faulty or too high. Make sure you use the right power outlet for your chosen model and take extra precautions like installing a surge protector.

Summary: While saunas are generally safe, with numerous health benefits, make sure to take the proper precautions to avoid any health issues. Blood pressure and dehydration complications are easy enough to avoid but can be fatal if ignored.

Therasage vs Durherm

Therasage boasts some of the lowest EMF readings; they are also some of the most expensive Infrared saunas on the market.

Therasage vs Durherm

Obviously, with Therasage, you’re going to get what you pay for, but Derherm offers an equally low EMF cunt at half the price, making it a very viable option if you’re looking for a low EMF sauna.

Do Portable Saunas Really Work?

Yes and no. They work in the sense that they make you sweat like they’re supposed to, but you’re not going to get the same quality as a full-size sauna.

For the price of a portable sauna, you’re going to get a pod that radiates infrared from 3 sides. Some of them are also radiating a lot of EMF…

So, while a portable sauna does make saunas convenient and easy, there are some things you have to give up, including comfort and lower EMF (for the most part).

Summary: Portable saunas do work, but not as well as full-size saunas.

Is Infrared or Steam Sauna Better?

An infrared sauna is a form of solar evaporation. However, steam rooms offer more skin protection against bacteria. They may be a little more difficult to maintain than an infrared sauna, but the fact is, we burn from the inside out, and a portable steam sauna can provide the perfect balance between a sauna and a steam room, while still allowing the skin to get a healthy dose of oxygen, thermal and UV-absorbing minerals, and even a “brief” bathing experience, as the phrase goes. Is Electronic Speed Control Enough? You’ll have to consider whether your electrical appliance is a transformer or a switching coil. That determines whether it will control the level of radiant heat, whether you can set your temperature remotely, and whether you can turn the appliance off or change the heat setting between each use.

Do Infrared Saunas Actually Do Anything?

There are two main uses for infrared saunas: to get rid of toxins and detox your body, and to jump-start weight loss by minimizing sweating. After a quick research, there isn’t much science behind the claims of infrared sauna detoxifying your body. However, infrared sauna research does show some promising results when it comes to your body’s response to toxins and helping you with weight loss.

For most people who visit a sauna, it is simply a nice, relaxing space to ease into the day. However, if you are looking to detox or are really looking to jump-start your weight loss, it is a safe option to consider. There isn’t much research on the effectiveness of infrared saunas, but a 2012 study that tested the effects of infrared saunas on rheumatoid.

Is Infrared Sauna a Gimmick?

Infrared sauna use has long been promoted as a sort of miracle treatment. According to various forms of marketing, it promises to increase metabolism, reduce pain, improve sleep, speed up recovery, and generally help with almost every aspect of wellness. And now, according to a new report in Radiology, there may be some science to back this up. This particular report was from a study out of Sweden, which found that infrared sauna use can have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. They determined that infrared sauna use can significantly reduce blood vessel constriction in both obese and normal-weight individuals, effectively reducing heart rate and vascular resistance.

This finding is consistent with previous studies from other institutions, including one that showed that people who did hot yoga for 6 months could also get the same effects. So what’s behind this supposed increase in metabolism? In a word, sweat. Using a portable infrared sauna machine, you literally sweat off about 400 calories per hour, which researchers say is because infrared therapy helps increase blood flow to the lower body.

Is it OK to Sit in an Infrared Sauna Every Day?

You have asked about sitting in the infrared sauna. You seem to be very interested in it, and very curious. Why is this? I love the idea of a naturally heated natural sauna. Having access to a sauna for weeks in a row in the winter would be really nice. But is there any benefit to sitting in an infrared sauna every single day?

As I’ve mentioned in the past, sat media produces some benefits. However, we’re talking about a sauna heated to body temperature, rather than a heart rate raising, brain impacting, can’t think properly while I’m using this machine, or you’ll go blind kind of effect. Could that change? Perhaps. I’m in no way saying it will or won’t, only saying that the research seems to suggest that it’s not the magic bullet that some think it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 30 Minutes in Infrared Sauna Enough?

The adequacy of spending 30 minutes in an infrared sauna depends on several factors and individual preferences. While 30 minutes can be a beneficial duration for many individuals, the effectiveness of the session may vary.

The therapeutic benefits of infrared saunas are attributed to the penetration of infrared heat into the body, which can induce various physiological responses. These include increased circulation, relaxation, detoxification, and potential pain relief. However, the specific benefits experienced can vary from person to person.

Some individuals may find that 30 minutes in an infrared sauna is sufficient to experience the desired benefits, such as relaxation and improved well-being. However, others may prefer longer sessions to enhance the effects or address specific health concerns.

It is essential to listen to your body and adjust the duration of the sauna session based on your comfort level and any recommendations from health professionals. If you are new to infrared saunas, it may be advisable to start with shorter sessions and gradually increase the duration as your body acclimates to the heat.

Ultimately, the ideal duration for an infrared sauna session varies among individuals. It is recommended to consult with a healthcare provider or sauna specialist who can provide personalized guidance based on your specific health needs and goals.

Can Infrared Sauna Burn Belly Fat?

The claim that infrared saunas can burn belly fat requires careful examination and consideration. While infrared saunas have been associated with various health benefits, their direct impact on belly fat reduction is not fully supported by scientific evidence.

Infrared saunas generate heat that penetrates the body, causing an increase in core temperature. This can lead to sweating, increased heart rate, and improved circulation. These physiological responses may have positive effects on overall well-being, relaxation, and potential calorie expenditure.

However, it is important to note that belly fat reduction is primarily influenced by a combination of factors, including a balanced diet, regular physical activity, and overall calorie expenditure. While infrared saunas may contribute to a modest increase in calorie burning during the session, their impact on long-term weight loss or spot reduction of belly fat is not well-established.

To effectively reduce belly fat, a comprehensive approach that includes a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, regular exercise, and an overall calorie deficit is typically recommended. Infrared saunas can be considered part of a well-rounded wellness routine, but they should not be relied upon as a sole or primary method for belly fat reduction.

As with any health-related consideration, it is advisable to consult with healthcare professionals or fitness experts who can provide personalized guidance based on your specific needs and goals.

Are Portable Saunas Worth It?

Undoubtedly, the worth of portable saunas hinges on a confluence of health considerations, convenience, and personal preferences. Scientifically, saunas, whether portable or traditional, have demonstrated various health benefits rooted in the physiological response to heat.

Portable saunas replicate the core principles of traditional saunas by inducing perspiration through elevated temperatures. Sweating is a natural detoxification mechanism, expelling toxins from the body and promoting skin health. The heat prompts vasodilation, enhancing blood circulation and aiding in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues. Moreover, this process supports muscle relaxation, potentially alleviating tension and promoting a sense of well-being.

One key advantage of portable saunas lies in their convenience. These compact units are easily set up in diverse environments, providing users with the flexibility to enjoy sauna benefits without the spatial constraints associated with traditional installations. The portability factor is particularly appealing for those with limited space or individuals who seek the therapeutic effects of sauna sessions on the go.

Scientific research has indicated that regular sauna use may contribute to cardiovascular health. The heat exposure induces a cardiovascular workout-like response, increasing heart rate and improving circulation. This can potentially lead to enhanced cardiovascular function and a reduction in blood pressure.

Beyond cardiovascular benefits, saunas, including portable variants, have been associated with stress reduction. The heat-induced relaxation of muscles, coupled with the release of endorphins, can contribute to a heightened sense of relaxation and stress relief. Such physiological responses align with established stress reduction mechanisms.

However, it is crucial to note that individual experiences may vary, and certain health conditions or contraindications may influence the appropriateness of sauna use. Consulting with a healthcare professional is advisable before incorporating sauna sessions into one’s routine, especially for individuals with pre-existing health concerns.

In essence, the worth of portable saunas emerges from their ability to deliver scientifically supported health benefits in a convenient, adaptable package. For those seeking the therapeutic effects of saunas without the spatial commitments of traditional installations, portable saunas stand as a viable and scientifically grounded option, offering a pathway to enhanced well-being and relaxation.

Final Words. So, What is the Best Portable Infrared Sauna for Home Use?

Of the portable saunas reviewed here, the SereneLife is probably the best option all things considered. It’s a reasonable price with all the extras you need for a good portable sauna, including hand holes and a footpad.

The Durherm is a close second. It doesn’t have all the extras the SereneLife has, but it has some of the lowest EMF ratings of all the saunas. And this is from individual testing, not a superficial claim from the manufacturer.


The Durherm is also big enough for taller people. Some of the cheaper models may look more cost-effective, but they are also made from cheaper materials, which means higher EMF and less durability, which works out to be more expensive in the long run.

For complete safety, please do ensure that you use a surge protector and heat-sensitive adapter. All portable saunas can catch on fire, just like any heater. So please be extremely careful not to over the plugs, wired, or heating pads with anything that will cause heat to build up.