Steam Generator For Shower (2022 Review) | Buyer’s Guide

Did you know that every 30 seconds or so, one American dies of cardiovascular disease? Other grim statistics show that 25% of Americans have acute insomnia, 24% have metabolic syndrome, and almost 50% will develop a mental health problem in their life.

The solution could be a simple one…

I discussed a treatment plan with my doctor, which included wet heat therapy, aka sauna. I was losing a lot of time and money in the process, which lessened the time spent exercising, sleeping, or hanging with my family. That’s when I started researching steam shower generators. I’ll tell you more about my decision-making process below, together with all the products I reviewed before making my decision. I’ll also tell you how to install and use one of these babies, the advantages and disadvantages of having one, all backed by studies, plus some tips and tricks on how to choose the best model.

Make no compromises with your health…

Here is the quich summary of top steam generators:

  • EliteSteam 7.5 KiloWatt Luxury Home System (Best Overall)
  • Mr. Steam Ms225ec1 Residential Steam Generator (Best Warranty)
  • Superior 9kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator
  • CGOLDENWALL 6KW – (Best On a Budget)
  • Steamist 10 KiloWatt
  • Steamist Premium 7 KiloWatt TSG-7
  • EliteSteam 10 KiloWatt Luxury (Top 10Kw unit)
  • Amerec AK10 Standard

Steam Shower Generators Reviews (Updated List for 2022)

The steam shower generators below are the best on the market. I made this list with my plumber, Harry, and my GP, Michael.

I have a history of metabolic issues and insomnia, but I also work out regularly. When I found out that steam baths can help both my metabolism and sleep problems, plus reduce my recovery, I was all in.

I didn’t want to risk buying something without consulting with my GP. And Harry knows what my house needs better than I do, so I asked him to double-check my list.

We narrowed it down to nine products, and, although I only bought one, I’m sure this list will be very helpful for you too.

1. EliteSteam 7.5 KiloWatt Luxury Home System – Best Steam Shower Generator 

EliteSteam Shower System 7.5

The EliteSteam Shower System was what I ended up choosing because it’s quality-made, versatile, and easy to install without a plumber.

But the best thing of all, as one reviewer mentioned that, is that “the control cables have remained the same since we installed the first one 23 years ago. So you do not have to replace wiring in the wall. This is a great advantage over Mr. Steam and others that have changed their wires over time.”

  • It’s safe. This system uses only top materials so that it can fight corrosion and leaks. You won’t have to worry about high pressure or overheating either.
  • Easy setup. The EliteSteam System has clear instructions, and the setup is easily done in minutes. You have everything included in the package, including the controller, hose, and steam head. On the off-chance you have difficulties, the customer service is prompt and helpful.
  • It’s trustworthy. The company that designed the EliteSteam has a good reputation in the market. People appreciate their quality stainless-steel items, which are durable.
  • Versatile. This item is compact so that it can be installed anywhere, even in your closet. The advantage is that you can improvise a sauna in any room
  • Easy setup
  • Complete package
  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Quality materials
  • Reputable company
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • The controller included in the package might be too small

Summary: The EliteSteam 7.5 KiloWatt Luxury Steam Shower System is a good choice for people who want a functional and compact system to convert any room in a sauna.


2. Mr. Steam Ms225ec1 Residential

Mr. Steam Ms225ec1

Mr. Steam Ms225ec1 is another good choice because it doesn’t need a lot of water to work. When I considered this product, I was happy at the prospect of needing just one gallon for a 20-minute sesh. The 7.5kW was another point in its favor.

I also liked the quality materials; stainless steel is a high-grade material you can use for steam showers. The precision temperature probe was another point in its favor because I’m a very exact person.

However, I preferred the EliteSteam because I didn’t need additional wiring.

  • Eco-friendly and resistant. This residential steam generator needs only a gallon of water for every 20 minutes. It uses just 75kW, and it mists a room with a maximum volume of 225 cubic feet. Plus, the 100% recycled stainless-steel construction is both planet-friendly and durable.
  • It’s compact. This 14.75×14.5×6-inch steam generator can fit anywhere in your house. If you don’t have room for it in your bathroom, you can install it on the vanity.
  • Maximum control. The precision temperature probe allows you to have absolute control of the temperature in your room. The integrated time cutoff helps you to adjust the time you spend in your home sauna because you can set an automatic shutoff.
  • Easy adjustments. The product’s microprocessor controls the features above. You can connect it to eTempo so that you can make all the adjustments easily.
  • Safe. The pressure release valve is an essential safety feature, just like the removable heating elements, and the LED self-diagnostic indicators. The customer service is also very supportive when you need troubleshooting advice.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sturdy
  • Compact
  • Precise and easy-to-make settings
  • Safe
  • It steams quickly
  • You might need an additional circuit

Summary: The Mr. Steam Ms225ec1 is a compact, quick steam shower generator. You get good control of all your adjustments, but you need a plumber’s help for its installation.


3. Superior 9kW Self-Draining

Superior 9kW

There are two main reasons why I considered this generator. One is the company’s great customer service. As Julia puts it in one of the shower generator reviews, “Although I bought this item on Amazon, the company Homeward Bath (formerly Steam Planet) was so great to work with when I had questions!”

Secondly, I liked the aromatherapy outlet and optional LED lights because they enhance your relaxation experience.

I didn’t end up choosing this 9kw steam unit because it’s not because it takes a while to produce steam, but I think it’s a good budget choice for many people.

  • Safe and durable. This machine holds an ETL certificate and is manufactured from good materials. Many happy reviewers claim they’ve had one for years.
  • Easy to use. The control panel is easy to access, from either inside or outside the shower. The on/off controls on the shower hand are easy to reach.
  • Relaxing. The chrome steam head has an outlet for aromatherapy if that is part of your relaxation. The LED lights are also very soothing, helping you deal with insomnia.
  • Complete package. The pack contains everything, including the wiring. You don’t need a plumber for installation. If you have any issues, the customer service people respond quickly, and they’re very helpful even if you don’t buy this item from their website.
  • Easy to adjust. You can set the temperature you need with the temperature sensor. The device is safe, and it’ll adjust to your requirements. The gravity-fed self-draining is also safe and user-friendly.
  • Safe
  • Resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Allows aromatherapy and LED lights
  • No plumber required
  • Quick adjustments
  • Not good for outdoor use
  • It takes 10+ minutes to produce steam

Summary: The Superior Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator is best for people who want an affordable steam generator with great customer service, as well as those who incorporate aromatherapy in their relaxation experiences.


4. CGOLDENWALL 6KW – Best Cheap


Brian Nunn, one of the happy customers, says: “What a great investment. I purchased it about two months ago. I installed myself. I had some obstacles in wiring and hired a plumber to run copper lines. (…) It has been used every day and has worked flawlessly.”

I included the CGOLDENWALL 6KW on my list of choices because it’s very cheap, yet functional, with all the high-tech bells and whistles, including long-distance signal transmission. I didn’t purchase it because the EliteSteam had a longer warranty.

  • Functional. The CGOLDENWALL 6KW employs high-quality dual-tank technology that produces enveloping and constant steam. You can fully enjoy your sauna experience because this model is very quiet.
  • High-tech. There are plenty of high-tech features to consider, such as the ST-135 AD control panel, easy light control, and digital display. The long distance transmission up to 50 m is another point in its favor.
  • Versatile. I like the wide range of temperatures between 95 and 131F, plus the fact that you can install it outdoor. The auto-shutoff can be programmed at any time between one and sixty minutes.
  • Safe. This steam generator is protected against water shortage, overheating, and high pressure. Even if it’s an affordable model, you don’t have to compromise safety.
  • Enveloping steam
  • Quiet
  • Intuitive control options
  • Long-distance transmission
  • Wide temperature range
  • Outdoor installation
  • Auto-shutoff 1-60 minutes
  • Safe
  • Not backed by along warranty

Summary: The CGOLDENWALL 6KW is a good choice for people who want an affordable steam generator with technologically advanced options like long-distance control.

5. Steamist 10 KiloWatt

Steamist 10 kW

I considered the Steamist because it’s a quiet, long-lasting steam generator made in the USA. I feel that USA-made items are better scrutinized, so they’re less at risk of backfiring.

My problem with it, is that it doesn’t include all its necessary parts in the package, like other steam generators. If this doesn’t bother you, it is a good choice because it has:

  • Quality materials. This 10kW Steam Generator is also made from stainless steel, so you can rest assured it will last you for years. This quality construction ensures you’ll get a steady flow of enveloping steam for a relaxing experience.
  • Variable steam output. The fact that you have proportional control over the steam is good news. This ensures the effective performance of the machine and improves your experience.
  • Compact. You can place the it anywhere you want to in the shower room or around it. If you don’t like how this unit looks, consider installing it in a closet nearby or hide it in a closet inside the bathroom.
  • Durable. I like that the it is made in the USA because this shows transparency and the use of high-quality materials, as the companies that manufacture their products locally undergo more tests and quality checks. Besides, it is backed by a 2-year warranty followed by a limited lifetime warranty for the parts.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Effective
  • Relaxing
  • Compact and easy to mask
  • USA_made
  • 2-year warranty
  • Limited lifetime warranty for the parts
  • You need to purchase additional parts

Summary: Steamist 10 KiloWatt Steam Generator comes with the unique selling proposition of a USA manufacturing, long warranty, and variable steam output, which ensures your shower room is never too misty or too airy.


6. Steamist Premium 7 KiloWatt, TSG-7

Steamist Premium 7Kw

I wanted to recommend you guys the Steamist SM-7 7 kW Steam Generator, but it’s no longer available.

The Steamist Premium 7 KiloWatt Steam Generator has a similar wattage, and it’s a good product with most of the same features of Steamist Premium 10kW.

It’s a worthwhile choice because it has three additional features:

  • It uses 7kW, so it has lower energy consumption. Although there’s a small difference between 7 and 10 kW, some people prefer to limit their energy consumption as much as they can, especially if they’re using the generator for several hours each day.
  • It includes Instamist. Instamist is an innovative technology that allows the generator to heat faster. This feature is best for people who don’t want to schedule their sauna sessions in advance every time they want to relax or decongest a stuffed nose.
  • It includes Steady Steam technology. This technology ensures that you’ll benefit from a continuous flow of steam. This feature means you can read more of the health benefits of a hot sauna because the steam generator is more effective.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Effective
  • Relaxing
  • Compact and easy to mask
  • USA-made
  • 2-year warranty
  • Limited lifetime warranty for the parts
  • It heats faster
  • Continuous steam flow
  • You need to purchase additional parts, such as 90°C copper wire

Summary: The Steamist Premium 7 KiloWatt Generator (steamist sm-7) is best for people who use their generator for several hours each day, and who want to enjoy effective impromptu sauna sessions.


7. EliteSteam 10 KiloWatt Luxury Home – Best 10 KW

Elite Steam 10 KiloWatt Luxury Steam Shower System

As Linda G. summarizes it, the Elite Steam 10 KiloWatt Luxury Steam Shower System “Heats up in less than 5 min and you could regulate the temperature with ease.

It doesn’t have the aromatherapy and music options like the newer models, but for its price, it’s well worth it.”

Side note: if you need a steam generator with aromatherapy and chromotherapy, the Steam Spa Royal Complete Package is available for a similar price.

I considered this Luxury Steam Shower System because it’s safe, easy to install with no plumber, and versatile. It heats up in minutes, and the steamer head has a pocket for oils. It produces more steam than the 7.5kW unit, but it’s more expensive if you use it every day.

  • Safe. Made with stainless steel, this unit is durable and corrosion-proof. You don’t have to worry about leaks, overheating, pressure build-up, or leaks.
  • Easy installation. You only need 5 minutes to install it because the instructions are clear. Everything you need is already included in the package, and the customer service people are always there to assist with troubleshooting.
  • Compact. This model is small so that it can be set up in any room or a closet near your bathroom. The fact that it’s so compact also means you can mask it with a cool-looking platform.
  • Easy installation
  • Complete package
  • Small
  • Functional
  • Quality construction
  • Trustworthy company
  • 1-year full warranty and 10-year limited warranty for the parts
  • The controller included in the package might be too small

Summary: The EliteSteam 10 KiloWatt Luxury Home Steam Shower System is the best luxury model because it fills your room with a lot of health-friendly steam in no-time.


8. Amerec AK10 Standard (Bonus Model)

Amerec AK10

I considered the Amerec AK10 Standard Steam Bath Generator because it’s easy to install without a plumber, and it has a 5-year warranty.

Although it’s one of the best steamers courtesy of its soft steam feature and works with temperature fluctuations, it’s not as versatile as the EliteSteam 7.5 kW.

  • Simple installation. You don’t need the help of the plumber to set it up, but you need to ensure you have standard plumbing in your house.
  • Durable. The Amerec AK10 is manufactured with top materials. The company backs this product with a 5-year warranty, so you can rest assured it will last at least that.
  • Soft steam feature. This feature enhances your relaxation because the steams won’t scratch your throat or become too uncomfortable. If you’re trying to relax before bed, fight insomnia, or have a toddler with a congested nose, soft steams are the safest.
  • Energy-saving. The Amerec AK10 heats up fast and decreases the power output once your bathroom is nice and steamy. The model takes temperature fluctuations into account, which increases you’re your comfort and its ability to conserve energy.
  • Low-maintenance. Amerec provides replaceable heating elements, and there are no moving parts. That means you’ll have no issues cleaning this product.
  • Fast temperature adjustments
  • Energy-friendly
  • Takes temperature fluctuations into account
  • High-performance
  • Soft steams
  • Durable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Portable
  • No batteries included

Summary: The Amerec AK10 is best for people who want to relax, fight sleep issues, or share their home sauna with their children, thanks to the soft steam function. This product is functional and conserves energy because it heats up quickly and takes temperature fluctuations into account.


SUMMARY: All these products are good, but they serve different purposes. The best value for money for your steam bath at home is the EliteSteam 7.5 kW because it’s the most versatile and easiest to install.

Read this article in case you need a  sliding shower door!

Installation. How To Use Shower Generator?

Some steam shower generators have an easy installation, with no help from an expert plumber, while others need a specialist.

Steam Generator InstallationRead some consumer reports before to see how other people managed to set their steam generators. If you’re not a DIY person, it’s best to call a professional either way.

Steam generators like the ones above are generally easy to use after you install them because they have intuitive displays and clearly labeled buttons.

Always read the instructions before use and call customer service if you have any issues. Brands with stellar customer support manufacture all the products above.

Choosing Kit

It’s best to choose a kit that makes installation easier, with all the necessary parts and tools included in the package. Don’t neglect the importance of clear instructions, either!

Some people want other things in the pack apart from the functional parts, such as:

  • Aromatherapy kit
  • LED lights
  • Audio options

Choosing the Location

Where will you install your steam shower generator? In your house, or for your commercial resort or spa? Indoors or outdoors? Check the official specs to make sure the product you choose fits your desired location.

The placement of your generator is essential if it’s noisy. In that case, you want to be able to place it in another room or closet nearby.

Next is where you can place it in the room. Of course, you need access to all the wires, and some people want to mask their generators with a vanity or cabinet.



Connecting is vital, so it’s best to choose a product that has all the spare parts you need. Ensure you have all the necessary wiring and tools for the job before getting to this part. Gas-powered units are the easiest to connect because they don’t need you to mess with the wiring.

It’s also wise to ensure you have quick help around from your plumber or technician in case you can’t manage with all the connections.

Enclosing the Shower

Sizing is essential when it comes to choosing the best generator for your best steam shower.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Read the official specs to find the cubic footage range of your steam shower generator.
  • Decide what material you want to use for enclosing the shower and how many external walls it will have.

Divide the cubic footage range of your shower generator by:

  • 1.1 for just external walls
  • 1.2 for more external walls
  • 1.35 if your enclosing walls are porcelain, glass block, or tile
  • 2 if you’re using marble or natural stone

These operations help you find the best measurements for enclosing your shower room in case it’s not already done.

Otherwise, they’ll help you check the correct wattage. For instance, more external walls and a marble room conserves energy, so you can even install a 120v steam shower generator.

SUMMARY: Your shower generator installation can be very easy if you have everything included in the package, such as spare parts, plus the correct wiring. Choose the correct wattage depending on your shower enclosure because a small, well-insulated room requires a less powerful steam generator.

What’s Steam Shower Generator

A steam shower generator is a machine that produces steam in your shower room. You don’t have to visit the spa to indulge in a soothing, vaporous midst of hot steam that relaxes your muscles and de-congests your nose.

They are connected to your wiring system to fill with water. They work similarly to electric kettles to boil the water, after which they disperse the steam in your shower room.

Most of the steam spa generators have around 7-10 kW, which adds up to your final electricity bill.

SUMMARY: Steam shower generators are machines that produce steam once you connect them to your wiring and plumbing. You can also purchase gas steam generators if you want portable items that don’t mess with your wiring.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Steam Shower Generator

Steam generators are not just a fad. They are backed by science because they can help with a variety of conditions, such as heart conditions, insomnia, or common colds. On the other hand, they can prove dangerous if you don’t install them correctly.

Steam Shower GEnerator Pros and Cons

To find out more about the pros and cons of your custom steam shower, read along:


  • They can help improve your circulation to the extremities, which means your heart can pump blood more effectively. Healthily irrigated extremities entail faster skin healing too!
  • They can reduce blood pressure because sitting in a steam room releases a hormone named aldosterone, which is involved in this process.
  • As your blood pressure decrease, your body also produces less cortisol – the stress hormone. The result is you feel more relaxed and with an improved mood.
  • The heat helps decongestion so, if you have a sinus infection, a steam shower generator for showers can help you breathe better, whether or not you have an infection.
  • A steam room can make your skin healthier because heat opens your pores and cleans the toxins and dirt inside.
  • It helps you recover after workouts because heat soothes sore muscles. Wet heat is better than the dry heat you could get from a massage chair according to research.
  • It helps with joint mobility, which is useful either before workouts or if you suffer from joint pain. Also, joint flexibility is linked with a decreased risk of injuries.
  • It can increase your metabolism because heat increases your heart rate. The result is you can lose weight if you’re using your steam room together with a challenging exercise regimen.
  • It improves your immune system because warmth stimulates the body’s leukocyte production. These white blood cells are what strengthen your body against infection and disease.


  • You can get dehydrated if you don’t drink enough water.
  • Some people can’t sit in steam rooms, such as pregnant women, people with immune issues, or some heart conditions. Check with your doctor to find out if you can build a DIY steam shower.
  • These systems can get expensive.
  • Shower steam generators can be dangerous if you don’t install them properly.

SUMMARY: A shower steam room generator can improve heart conditions, skin issues, joint mobility, and immune deficiencies. However, your doctor has to give you the ok to use it, and you have to install it properly to avoid accidents.

How Do I Choose a Steam Shower Generator? Things You Should Know

If you’ve read thus far, you know a thing or two about how I judge the quality of steam generators. Some people fall in love with a product only to experience extreme buyers’ regret after purchasing them.

Things to ConsiderSo, before buying a steam shower generator, you have to think like a plumber.

Here are the main things to consider:

  • If it has any certifications and safety checks
  • The materials used, the quality of the craftsmanship and the warranty

Secondary issues regard:

  • How many water gallons it needs
  • If it’s noisy or not
  • If the control panel is easy to work with
  • The temperature range
  • How easy you can make the adjustments in real-time
  • How fast it will heat up
  • How much steam you’ll get

So how do you choose a steam shower generator? Think about the function or feature you can’t live without. For some people, that feature is aromatherapy or a surround system. For others, it’s a high max temperature, while others prefer low energy consumption.

SUMMARY: All the products listed here are safe, durable, and manufactured with quality materials. Those are three essential conditions you can’t compromise on. The rest of the features give you enough room to find a product that fits your particular needs.

About Thermasol Steam Generator

The THERMASOL process, patented by Johnson Matthey, is a nuclear-coolant irradiation technology for low-temperature, cryogenic steam generators. Thermasol as defined. The thermally isolated reactor coolant is heated to hundreds of degrees Centigrade by the irradiation of one or more liquid peroxide particles. The peroxide nuclei are destroyed by fast neutrons. The irradiation is conducted in a reactor box, surrounded by a baffle, in which hydrogen fluoride (HF) is pumped and heated to 1000-1250°C. Hydrogen fluoride is a highly corrosive solvent, so it is pumped into tanks filled with boric acid, which in turn is pumped into special containers containing samples of chlorides. The HF is then pumped back into the reactor box, where the gaseous peroxide is exposed to the mixture of chloride compounds. This mixture will produce aqueous HF at a temperature of 2-10 K. After the oxidizing part is complete, the solution becomes a highly corrosive fluoride salt. The chlorides are then pumped back into the brine with relatively low dilution and concentrated.

The Thermasol process is a method of preparing high-temperature gaseous hydrogen chloride and is still widely used for producing this gas. Its use for the production of low-temperature gaseous hydrogen peroxide has been largely superseded by the more conventional techniques. Thermal sterilization is defined. It may be useful to distinguish between the different varieties of thermo-thermal sterilization. There are processes for making sterilized foodstuffs, e.g. to provide environmental cleanliness protection for foods in humid, humidified, or tropical conditions. There are also processes that sterilize manufactured products, e.g. for medical use, to provide a sanitization of a product or process.

Does a Steam Shower Need a Vent?

A Steam Shower in the back of your house or apartment could look like a big problem for the home’s AC, but a little cleaning will help it run like a charm. Read on to learn more about the problems and why a vent might be the solution. If You’re Using It on Your Bedroom Floor. A steam shower can draw a lot of warm air up from the floor (where most bathrooms are). It might be easy to burn your feet by stepping in and out of the shower so you end up taking short showers.

Advertisement. To keep your feet safe in a steam shower, you can try putting some of your old towels or a shower curtain in there, or even try adding a vent in the floor to take some of the hot air up. We’ve seen vents in closets and under counters that might work. To Make It a Little More Efficient. Steam showers can be really effective, but you can make them more efficient by using a warm shower before and after a steam shower. They’ll fill up faster.

Are Steam Showers Worth the Money?

Steam showers—or steam baths—are an expensive, luxury amenity that a lot of apartment dwellers could stand to cut back on. A 2015 report by Apartment List found that 42% of Americans said they have shower steam, with 22% having one often or almost always. But that’s actually the most common type of hot water in America: 52% of Americans don’t heat their water before using it. The bigger the property, the more likely you are to have a steam shower or sauna. That’s because getting cold water from a faucet can save you $0.55 per gallon of water by the auto drain, according to 2015 estimates. As a result, according to the US Geological Survey, heating water before it gets used is one of the top methods for conserving energy.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your hot water at all. If you’re in a small studio apartment or building, you can probably manage just fine with a small electric heater. If you’re living in a high-rise, heat your water before you use it, and let it warm up in the shower. But if you have steam, a two-inch boiler can be installed for about $100. To make that steam powerful enough to cover a very large shower space, however, a steam generator with a water tank might be the more expensive option.

Are Steam Showers Worth It?

With regards to Steam Showers, they are indeed safe to use if used properly. It is also possible to replace any of the materials, which can take up to one week. However, it is advisable that people take it slow as the repairs can be complicated. The good news is that there are companies that specialize in the repair and maintenance of the Steam Shower. For some people, having to spend on the repairs of the Shower is not a good option as they do not have extra money. This is where some kind of crowdfunding could be useful. Anyone who would like to support the crowdfunding, then simply visit the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

How Long Do Steam Shower Generators Last?

The Steam Shower Generator is intended for residential use and is specifically designed to provide both hot and cold water. The steam is generated naturally, as the water is heated as it passes through the nozzles. The lower water pressure that is created due to the use of the generators is minimal, and there’s no need to turn the generator on while the water is hot.

Due to the fact that the steam is generated naturally, these steam generators usually have an average lifespan of between 6-10 years. The heat produced by the water will dissipate, so there’s no need to turn the steam generator on unless there’s a persistent condensation issue.

Where to Buy. Prices/Warranty/Service

You don’t have to choose brands such as Kohler, which retail expensive steam spa generators to ensure you get the most of your steam bath. All the products here are trustworthy and quality, though you’ll still have to set aside at least $1,000, even if you buy a used SM-7.

Amazon Logotype

The best place to buy them is their official websites or official showrooms. You can also get trustworthy products that are shipped fast and come with good warranties from Amazon.

Speaking of warranties and service, some companies offer good guarantees, repairs, and customer support, but only if you purchase from their websites. It’s important to double-check this fact before buying from other places just to save a couple of bucks.

SUMMARY: Choose models that fit your budget, but don’t compromise on quality. Don’t purchase items from shady websites or vendors. Ensure that the warranties and service are still valid if you get these products from other places apart from the brands’ official channels.

Final Words. What is the Best Steam Room Generator?

Steam shower generators can help you deal with multiple health issues, from cardio health to joint mobility, but it’s essential to choose a good product.

Let’s recap:

  • The Ms225ec1 is a compact, quick steam bath generator, but you need a plumber’s help for its installation.
  • The CGOLDENWALL 6KW is a good choice for people who want an affordable steam generator with technologically advanced options like long-distance control.
  • Mr Steam’s MS-225-EC1 is best for people who want to ensure their steam generator will last for decades, though it’s slightly noisy.
  • Steamist 10 KiloWatt offers variable steam output for people who want the perfect amount of steam.
  • The Steamist Premium 7 KiloWatt is best for people who use their generator for several hours each day, and who want to enjoy effective impromptu sauna sessions.
  • The EliteSteam 10 KiloWatt Luxury is the best luxury model because it fills your room with a lot of health-friendly steam in no-time.
  • The Amerec AK10 is best for people who want to relax, fight sleep issues, or share their home sauna with their children, thanks to the soft steam function.

The best steam shower generator in this review is the Elite Steam 7.5 kW Luxury. This model is the most versatile, it doesn’t use up a lot of energy, and it has safety features against corrosion and leaks.


Possibly the biggest advantage is that you won’t have to change the wiring in your home, so you don’t need to pay extra for a plumber.

Don’t compromise. Since I got my Elite Steam 7.5 kW (one of the best steam shower generators) and now, I can sleep better and haven’t caught a cold since 2017.